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SMC Climbing Panel System

It is a high-strength climbing panel that mass-produces an adhesive sheet mixed with an unsaturated polyester resin, reinforcing agent, colorant, and release agent by a steel mold at high temperature and pressure.

There are limitations in implementing various wall designs from a climbing expert's point of view, but compared to FRP panels, the price is cheaper and the manufacturing time is shortened to shorten the construction period.


  • It is a 1m x 1m square panel.

  • It boasts high compatibility with 3S System (FRP, plywood).

  • There are 25 hold fasteners in 1 square meter, so there are various setting powers.

  • The installed discovery hold fastener is simple and designed to prevent bolts from slipping when fastening the hold bolt.

  • The 30mm frame and the thickness difference frame are designed in a grid on the back to prevent deformation of the panel, strengthen the strength, and minimize clutter.

  • ​Designed to allow assembly without separate processing when the angle of the panel and the panel changes.

Hold fastener
Design registration (No. 30-0959177)
Discovery hold fastener
Comparison hold fastener
Discovery hold fastener
Comparison hold fastener
In order to insert a bolt into the hold and fix it to the fastener, it was difficult to find the screw thread correctly, and the experience of inserting the bolt out of position and having difficulty in setting was an inconvenient thing for any setter.
Discovery hold fastener
Discovery's unique technology is that it acts as a guide for the bolt to accurately find the thread by entering 8mm from the bolt insertion hole and starting the thread.
Panel structure
Design registration (No. 30-0971390)
Front panel
Rear panel
Panel cross section
Climbing side
Climbing side
Climbing side
When the angle of the panel and the panel changes, it can be assembled without any additional processing
Discovery panel each cross section
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