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3S Climbing Panel System

It is a representative technology of Discovery that has registered domestic and US patents as a further advanced system from the common flat panel system. Now, more and more angles and sophisticated artificial rock walls can be realized.


  • It is a polygonal panel system based on a triangle.

  • It is a system that complements the advantages of the 3D panel system and the disadvantages of the flat panel system.

  • The completeness of the panel is excellent through precision processing by a computer (CNC).

Hold fastener
Design registration (No. 30-0959177)
In order to insert a bolt into the hold and fix it to the fastener, it was difficult to find the screw thread correctly, and the experience of inserting the bolt out of position and having difficulty in setting was an inconvenient thing for any setter.
Discovery hold fastener
Comparison hold fastener
Discovery hold fastener
Discovery's unique technology is that it acts as a guide for the bolt to accurately find the thread by entering 8mm from the bolt insertion hole and starting the thread.
Discovery hold fastener
Comparison hold fastener
Panel Hinge Bracket
Design registration (No. 30-1059915)
It is a special artificial rock wall assembly member unique to Discovery that connects the tubing and the panel rail by joining the slope climbing panels.
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