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Plywood Climbing Panel System

It is a plywood construction system that manufactures the entire process at the factory and assembles bolts on site. The short field air is very advantageous for the entire construction process, making it safer and easier to dismantle and transform.


  • It is composed of panel rail, tubing, and panel, and all are assembled with bolts.

  • Easy to install and dismantle.

  • After disassembly, it is easy to reinstall and change parts.

  • Using T-NUT, the disadvantages of barbed nuts have been compensated.

Discovery T-nut
Panel Hinge Bracket
Design registration (No. 30-1059915)
This is a T-nut for hold fasteners that stably fixes the hold in the plywood panel with a tea nut produced by Discovery.
It is a special artificial rock wall assembly member unique to Discovery that connects the tubing and the panel rail by joining the slope climbing panels.
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